Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun(ny) Fashion!

People always ask me, "Whitney, what is your perspective on fashion and style?" Ok, so I have never, EVER been asked that. But, because I have daydreamed about being a stand-in for an unavailable female celebrity on talk shows and press junkets, I have an answer. It would simply be: don't take what you wear too seriously.

Don't get me wrong. I seriously love clothes. In fact, I like looking at clothes more than the process of putting an outfit together and actually dressing in them. That being said, I tend to dress for the mood that I'm in. So, if I was allowed, I could be found in a full sweatsuit decorated in Dorito crumbs on a daily basis. But because I do have to be seen in public occasionally, I like to dress in what makes me happy. 

Come! Let's take a quick journey into my closet so I can show you some of my favorite endorphin-producing pieces...

Here's a lovely little number I think that every aspiring 90's female comic should have. It may look a little dated, but I swear that when paired with a cute, floral mini dress, it's *almost* on-trend. But if I do find myself feeling out of place while wearing "old goldie," I know that I can always turn to annoying my friends with attempts at observational stand up. I mean really...what's the deal with all of these Bigfoot shows?!  Wah, wah.

While these shirts aren't inherently funny, the fact that I own upwards of 8 (there's at least 3 in the wash and 2 more hiding somewhere on the floor), is kind of humorous. Simply referred to as "the big shirts" in the Bluetique office, these tops are a girl's best friend and we are all addicted. They're easy to layer and ridiculously soft and comfortable. They are a socially acceptable relative of the Snuggie. They are my fashion drug of choice, and there's no way I'm stopping at 8! (SPOILER ALERT: Bluetique will be stocked with these for Spring! We're talking pastel big shirts; striped big shirt; big shirts for days! So be on the lookout before I hoard them all!)

Lastly, we have this guy. He called to me one day from a rack at the Goodwill; mistakenly placed in the crocheted quilt section. No label. No tag. I think his creator was going for 80's Bill Cosby, and just kept going. He's big, bright, bulky, and loud. And I love him!

So there you have it. Thanks for taking this funny fashion journey with me. Keep it real. And keep it real fun!

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