Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet Blucille!

Meet Blucille! 

This is our friendly neighborhood Bluetique gorilla! She made her first appearance at the UVA/Virginia Tech 

game this past gall. She thinks UVA is a picturesque campus. She thoroughly enjoys the architecture of the 


And loves to chill with Icarus. 

And soaking up the gothic at Edgar Allen Poe's dorm room. 

And cheering on the Hoos with the cheerleaders! 

Now why would you, our loyal blog readers, care about a super social blue gorilla that wandered around 

UVA's campus? What does this have to do with your favorite store, Bluetique? Because when you get your 

picture with the fabulous Blucile and tag her and yourself on Instagram, you get entered to win a pile of 

awesome.  Mainly a $250 gift certificate to your local Bluetique! 

Like Kelsey Kilgore did, who won a $250 gift certificate to Bluetique Cville! 

Blucille is a traveler.  She likes visiting the pretty campuses and showing up to big events!  And giving away 

koozies.  And hanging out with YOU!  So keep your eyes peeled.  You never know when Blucille will show

up on YOUR campus.  


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