Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We've Moved

Hey y'all! We've moved our blog on over to our website at bluetiquecheapchic.com. So if ya wanna keep hanging out with us, check out our posts on our new page!

We're moving on up, ladies! Won't you come with us?!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Travel Tuesday

I'm sure most of you all (at least I hope!) have had the opportunity to get away this summer. After all, that's what summer is all about, right? Vacating your life is so important and does so much good for the soul. One of my best friends, Jules, took this summer's vacation to heart and absolutely nailed it. For your travel Tuesday post, let's discuss the the utter brilliance of Au Pairing. Jules got paired up with an Italian family living in Monaco (le sigh) for the month of July, basically my dream. She's been there for the past twenty two days and I have been filling up her inbox with questions about her new lifestyle and what it's like to travel to Italy on the weekends. Casual, I know. She replied with only a few words, but more importantly, pictures. You can see the beauty of the French Riviera below and live the ultimate summer dream through instagram. 

I know what you're thinking...I'd love to know when the next plane to Monaco leaves, too.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week Three

Can you believe it's already week 3 of July?

So! For the Wardrobe Warriors July CelebStyle Challenge, this week we chose Emma Watson and Michelle Obama! 

They have some big fashion shoes to fill but nothing is unattainable when you're a wardrobe warriors.

These women have the perfect style to recreate to spice up your workday wardrobe. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of black pencil skirts and black blazers. While there's nothing wrong with that, we want to challenge you to spice it up a little bit! Add a statement necklace or find a bright colored pencil skirt. You'll never know how much you love it until you try. 

Here are some examples of recreations we've made this week!

You'll see some hidden Bluetique items in every picture! The first one features a Lily & Laura Bracelet, the second features one of our amazing statement necklaces (gotten during this fantastic 50% off sale), and the last one has another bracelet (that cost $1 during the sale). 

If you aren't taking advantage of this sale to stock up your professional and casual wardrobe, you're crazy! You can get a lot of the dresses you love for $25 or under. Most of the sale rack dresses are $15 and under! 

And every piece of jewelry is under $20!

Today is the last day of the sale and we really want to see how you can use your Bluetique sale finds to create the best recreations.

Also, during the weekends we have decided to do a Weekend Wildcard! What that means is, you can choose any celebrity you want and recreate their outfits! We've chosen fashionistas like Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, and Jessica Alba! The options are limitless!

Remember to #WardrobeWarriors and follow us wherever you can find us! :)

- Paige

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From the Amalfi Coast to South America

Calling all Beach lovers! My morning ritual consists of reading emails, drinking coffee and scoping out the new boutiques on One Kings Lane. I must say, one boutique really caught my eye: Gray Malin. I've seen his art all over the internet and it's always stuck out to me. Malin travels the world and captures beach scenes from above and it is ahhhmazing. I suggest you check out his shop and if you're in the mood, drop some money on his art. I say go for it, why not?! Check out some of my favorites below.

Don't you love these?!
I know, me too.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Vive la France

I'm sure you're all aware of what today is, le quatorze juillet, or in others words, Bastille Day! I've created a little French themed playlist to get you through this rainy (how perfect!) Monday. Let those french horns serenade you to five o'clock. Don't forget to imagine yourself strolling through Paris.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Your Dream Wardrobe on A Dream Budget!

Have you ever wanted an easy guide to having an affordable, adorable wardrobe? Well, here you go!

I wanted to create a go-to style guide for you all! I was talking with my roommate recently about staples everyone should have in their closet. In doing this Wardroe Warriors July CelebStyle challenge for the month of July, I'm sort of amazed myself at some of the things I already have in my closet that makes it so adaptable!

So! Here are some suggestions on how to expand your wardrobe for it's fullest effectiveness using clothing from Bluetique, the best store in the world.

1) Little Red Dress. I find the little black dress vastly overrated. Okay, well not overrated. But seriously, how much more memorable is it to walk into a crowded room in a bright red dress? It's just as classic and simple as the black dress, only it's a new updated version that you won't see twenty other women wearing. It takes a lot of confidence to wear red. And while you may argue it doesn't look good on everyone, unlike black, I think it can look good on everyone. There are many different shades of red. If you have red undertones in your skin or bright firey red hair, try a deeper red with a sheen! You'd be surprised.

2) Quirky Black Sandals. This is specifically for your summer wardrobe! Everyone has those $1-$5 flip flops. And while they are wonderful for what they are, they also break after the first 5 days you wear them. These sandles are much more chic and much more durable for all your summer galavanting! They also mix black and brown, one of my favorite things, which is both allowed and encouraged.

3) Brown Wedges. This is something I'm still acquiring for my wardrobe. There is not a thing in this life that wouldn't look good with a pair of brown wedges paired with it. They're simple but fun, since this pair even has a t-strap on them! What more could you want? Pair them with your sundresses, skirts, jeans, jean shorts, and more to instantly dress it up!

4) Two Big Belts. Do this right now. Go out and purchase one wide black belt and one wide brown belt. You'll wonder what you were doing with the rest of your life before you had these staples in your closet. There are so many dresses that would be perfect if it just cinched in at your waist just the smallest bit! The horse detailing is optional, but make sure you cover both your most popular neutrals!

5) Black Statement Necklace. If you're only going to have two statement necklace in your wardrobe, these next ones are the two I'd suggest. A black statement can be thrown on top of almost any outfit to add some funk and creativity. You'll be amazed at how stylish you feel just because you have something around your neck that no one else has. It can be paired with something as simple as a t-shirt or as elegant as a bridesmaid dress. Don't underestimate how much your wardrobe can benefit from just one or two of these beauties.

6) Multi-Colored Statement Necklace. Again, if you don't love having to buy a new necklace every time you put on a new outfit, opt for one of these two. This necklace has multiple colors. What that means is if you have an outfit that features any of these colors (Even if it's not exact! Who's going to tell you you're wrong), you can pair it with this! I have a necklace from Bluetique that has every single color of the rainbow in it. And you know what I wear it with? EVERYTHING.

7) Floral Maxi Skirt. There was a time in my life when almost every piece in my closet was floral print. Floral print is cheerful, vibrant, and memorable. Those are my favorite things about it. If you have a bold piece for your bottom - skirt, pants, shorts, etc - then you can go as simple as you want on the top. You can also pair it with other patterns! Stripes, contrasting floral, geometric shapes, color blocking. Your options are limitless. But this is a staple in any wardrobe and you'll thank your lucky stars when you have this breezy skirt on and it's 96 degrees out like it is today.

8) Fun Flowy (Appropriate Length) Skirt. I love mini skirts as much as the next person. However, in an effort to make my wardrobe more professionally appropriate after graduation, I've really started payin gattnetion to the lengths of pieces. Any piece you have shoudl really follow the finger tip rule they give you in high school. Sorry not sorry. But! A good way to still feel flirty and fun with that rule is to get a skirt with a shape like this one. When it spins or it's windy outside, you'll feel like Marilyn Monroe in her classic white dress. This color is one of my favorites and is so unique. You'll be the only one of your friends who has it, and similar to the floral, you can pair this skirt with just about anything you want. 

9) Verticle Stripes. I don't care what anyone says. You always need at least one striped piece in your wardrobe. Stripes look great with floral, denim, solid colors, other stripes. They also have no limits! They are fancier than a plain color block, so you can spice up some simple pieces in your wardrobe. If you were going to a job interview in a black skirt suit and were looking for a piece to pair with it, why not stripes? You'll break out of the typical plain button down shirt trend! Another fun way is to go for a striped pair of flats! A little more understated than this bright shirt, but equally as visually interesting!

10) Professional Shirt in your Signature Color. I firmly believe we all have a signature color. Mine is purple. If you present me with anything in purple, there's an 89% chance I'm going to buy it or wish I could. Purple makes me feel happy and it makes me feel like myself! If you have a shirt that's in your signature color, whether that's the color that looks best on you or the color you've always just loved for no apparent reason, you're going to want to wear it more. It won't be that piece that sits in your wardrobe unused for years. By "professional shirt," I mean something that can double as a casual or work shirt. If you put a cami underneath this shirt - nude, white, black, blue - this shirt is totally work appropriate. It is only slightly sheer, so you don't have to worry about showing too much skin, but it's sheer enough that the fabric is light and breezy for hot summer workdays. If you wanted to wear this casually you could have fun and put a bandeau underneath it instead! 

11) Boyfriend Jeans. This is another one of my favorite items and a very popular trend right now. Boyfriend jeans can be dressed up or down. Don't believe me? Pair boyfriend jeans that are rolled up at the cuff with ankle strap nude heels. You will feel like the classiest, most powerful woman on the plant. Dress it down with some classic sneakers or spunky flats. Pair it with any of the shirts I've shown you, crop tops, blazers, tank tops, and anything you already have in your closet. Boyfriend jeans are a necessity. If you're like me and you hate pants and prefer to only wear dresses, they may just become the only pants you like because they're so amazingly comfortable.

All of these items can be found at Bluetique (online or in store) and a lot of them are already on clearance! I know, right?! Check it out and try it out for yourself. You too can be a Wardrobe Warrior without having to spend money on designer clothes. Plenty of boutiques offer the same quality clothing at much better prices. You just have to look around!

- Paige

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Take Me Back

If you're anything like me, you always get that mid-summer need for more travel and fun. While I normally daydream about faraway places, NYC keeps popping back into my head. While it's only been a matter of weeks since I was last there, I can't help but think about it's shaded side streets and that certain je ne sais quoi. I'm already planning my next trip...hopefully it will make the days go by faster and I'll be back again soon. Until then, my pictures will have to suffice.