Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sending Love Your Way!

So, its the end of January.  You have been working hard on your resolutions's cold, snowy, and your bed is the best thing since yoga pants.  This is where you make a choice.  Are you committed to thing you want to change or do you stay where you have always been?  In order to help you decide, I have relentlessly searched Pinterest for thoughts to inspire you:

I love the word victorious! 

And because I have one of these in my head: 

And finally, sometimes, you just have to believe: 

And maybe you are rolling your eyes at this.  But maybe something helps you carry you on as you try to improve your awesome self!  Because I find I am much like Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec and this respect:

Love from the cold coldness that is Harrisonburg,


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