Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pinterest Junkie

HI, my name is Courtney and I’m a pinterest junkie. I’m not only a pinner, I’m a doer. One of my favorite projects thus far has been our pallet wine rack.
photo 1.JPG
It only took us a couple hours and about $10. (Not including the price of the wine it took to fill it. Side note: only the small bottles ((750ml one)) of wine will fit. ) Thankfully my boyfriend supports my DIY mania and was willing to help with the measuring and sawing. Here’s how we did it…..
What you’ll need
*pallet *wood glue * foam brush
*stain  *measuring tape  *saw *hammer *sandpaper *wine
* wine glasses
Step 1: Prep pallet. Clean it off. Measure a foot from one end and cut through support braces. This will be your wine rack so choose the better end.
Step 2: Pull a “good” board off what is left of the pallet and attach to the bottom with nails. This board will hold your wine bottles in your rack so make sure it is firmly attached.
Step 3: Measure the bottom of your wine glasses. (Side note: if your wine glasses are mouth blown like ours, make sure to measure the one with the largest bottom. They will all be different sizes.)
Step 4: Mark your spacing on the bottom of your wine rack, try to leave an inch between where your wineglasses will hang.
Step 5: Pull two more “good” boards off what is left of the pallet. Cut 9 1inch pieces as your spacers. Glue into the 1inch spaces mentioned above.
Step 6: Cut 7 3inch pieces and 2 2inch pieces. These will be the supports for your glasses to hang on. The 2inch pieces are for the ends of the rack. All the 3inch pieces will go between these. Glue into place on the spacers. Make sure to leave enough room for the stem of your wine glasses to fit.
(notice placement of spacers and supports)
Step 7: Let glue set. Once dry, sand down any overflow of wood glue and any rough edges and dust off.
Step 8: Now you’re ready to stain. You may have to stain it a few times to get your desired color. Also, you may want to wipe it down after staining to soak up any leftover stain.
photo 2.JPGWhen hanging you’ll want to make sure that you find the studs in your wall because this thing is HEAVY… not to mention it’s not loaded with your wine bottles yet. Make sure there is enough room above and below it to get your wine bottles in and out and to hang your glasses on the bottom.
Hopefully this project will bring you as much fun as it did for us. Happy building in 2014!

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