Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Time Tips For Your Home!

Spring Time Tips For Your Home
  Although the calendar says spring has officially arrived, the temperatures definitely say otherwise. But I’m not giving up hope my friends! I don’t know if you’re like me or not, but my home could definitely use some pick-me-ups to get me in the mood for spring, and eventually summer! Owning my own Home Staging business for several years, I have always been into DIY projects, so I’m going to share a few of my spring “quick tips” that you can use to make your home feel light, bright and ready for those warmer temps!

Tip #1- Paint! Even if it is just the front door, a little paint can help bring life to any room or surface! Plus, paint is the cheapest way to add value to any home and add freshness all around. 
Price- $25 a gallon (approx.)

Tip #2- Bring in the light! Open all those shades, blinds and curtains and let the natural sunlight come in. Price- FREE

Tip #3- Swap out your family room pillows for some light-colored decorative ones, in pastels or natural hues. 
Price- $35-$40 for a pair (approx.)

Tip #4- Bring home the green! Nothing says spring time like flowers and green plants! Spruce up the front porch by adding a potted plant or two in colorful decorative planters, or add a vase of fresh cut flowers to your kitchen. 
Price- $15 (fresh cut flowers) $40 for green plants (depending on what variety you buy)

Tip #5 Declutter! Nothing says spring like a little cleaning and decluttering. Toss out those old newspapers and magazines. Donate old clothing and furniture to Goodwill or to a shelter. Take half of your tchotchke’s off the shelf and leave it half empty. 
Price- FREE
So you see, for under $100, you can get that spring time feeling without all the fuss or costs! Spring is in the air and hopefully the temps will not be far behind. Here’s wishing y’all happiness this season!


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