Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So, if you are anything like me, once the seasons change you take out all the things you haven't worn in a while.  And you think...when was the last time I wore this? 1987?  Really, why do I HAVE this?  But WAIT!! Before you throw it away, if you have some inspiration, you can make said out-of-date item into something completely cool and tailored to YOU.  

This is what I do, I take my t-shirts and make them into something else.  It requires some sewing, yes.  But if you know how to do the basics on the sewing machine, you can do this.

And as with everyone here at Bluetique, you can find a myriad of things on Pinterest.  That's what I did.

Take this:

Its a tutorial from  Its so cute and super easy!  All it takes is a zipper you can get from any craft store, scissors, and a sewing machine.

Here is mine. 

I love it and I wear it all the time.  Came from a man's t-shirt that I got at Goodwill.  Best thing about it? It's one of a kind.  

And once you get started, your imagination can take you all over the place.  Here are some of the things that I have created out of stuff I could have thrown out:

So get creative, embrace your inner fashion designer, and make something that is uniquely you. 


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