Friday, November 15, 2013

Splurge versus Steal

We see you Zara!  Ever the dedicated Zara shopper, I happened to be on their site last night looking for the perfect winter coat because well, duh, I should have planned ahead of time and it's about to be negative a bazillion degrees outside.  I found exactly what I was looking for and more.  Zara not only has an amazing winter coat selection but a pretty impressive shoe selection as well.  I couldn't help myself.  But that is a good thing because I just so happened to stumble upon a pair of shoes quite similar to some we carry.

Enter the Zara Leather Ankle Boot With Interior Wedge.  It bears a more serious name than we can bear and a bit too high of a price tag as well.  If you want these babies as your own click here.  

If you like the style (and added height boost) but want a more affordable prize..we have you covered.  Click here!

Style with skinny jeans, an Aztec print sweater and all the necessary winter accessories and you are instantaneously considered cool, boho and chic in my book.  

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