Friday, November 22, 2013

Rainy Day Blues

Don't you miss the days when rain meant skipping class and watching movies all day while eating junk food? I sure do. What I wouldn't give to be wrapped up in a blanket with my sweet pup right now. So, for all you lucky guys and gals that are able to do that, soak it all in, it'll be gone before you know it!

My mother has always been a phenomenal cook. One of my favorite recipes from her is her potato soup. Being a secret recipe, I won't share that with you guys, but I will offer up a replacement. If you feel like peeling yourself out of bed for a little home cooked meal, here is a wonderful recipe for potato soup from the Pioneer Woman (love her so much) for some inspiration. I hope everyone has a wonderful rainy day, happy Friday!

 Pioneer Woman Perfect Potato Soup - made a version close to this tonight (but can't find the pin for the life of me!) I put it in the crockpot though, used a bag of shredded hash browns, instead of celery I did corn and I had leftover ham so I used that instead of bacon.  Super yummy and I like this version without the canned soup.  Definitely a keeper!!

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