Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Currently Pinning

Now that Halloween is over and done with, I just can't help myself to think about the upcoming holidays. I know, I know, it's a little early but I just can't stop daydreaming about the abundance of friends and family arriving throughout the coming months. Think about it.. the food, the wine and all of your family gathered in the kitchen. What a joyous and special time. So I spent the weekend on Pinterest, pinning away on my holiday boards. Below you'll find a few of my favorites. 

The perfect wrap for your Thanksgiving day hostess

Celebratory champagne is a must

Who doesn't love a Fitzgerald quote?

A magical sidewalk to boost your holiday spirit

The ideal situation for the holidays...who doesn't want a white Christmas?

So tell me, what have you been pinning..what are you most excited about for the holidays??

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