Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

Oh hey, Monday. Is it just me or are the weekends getting shorter? I'm really, really ready for the spring to come and per usual, I've got a little instagram getaway for you today. It only seems right to show you pictures of adventure to help you get through the longest winter in history. Yes, you've guessed it, another lovely instagram account to follow, jetsetfarryn. Farryn Weiner is the director of digital and social communications at Michael Kors as well as an adventure capitalist and a lover of 14 hour plane rides and so much more. #Swoon. Weiner is one lucky lady and she is only in her twenties and has already accomplished so many things as well as making the Forbes 30 under 30 list. I mean, this girl means business. Tumblr and instagram are the easiest ways to track jetsetfarryn as she conquers the world, one city at a time.  So again, for all of my globe trotting friends, here are some of my favorite snapshots from her instagram. They're oh so inspiring and cause wanderlust. So please, enjoy the following. And remember, I warned you about the wanderlust.


Told ya about the wanderlust.

So tell me, where are your favorite #jetset destinations?


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