Wednesday, February 5, 2014


When you are in school, your goals are made for you.  Graduate high school.  Pick a major.  Graduate college.  Make a good GPA.  You are constantly taking steps to, one day, have a bright future.  You graduate.  You get a job.  You have a life.  Then what?

When the goals aren't pre-set before you, what do you do?  What are you working towards?  What is there to accomplish? Am I making your head hurt yet?  At work, I am the woman of a thousand questions.  They have learned to expect this.   I don't stop this habit in my regular life either.

I set goals for myself.  Each year.  Small baby steps in the never ending quest of self improvement.  Last year, I quit smoking (so not easy - the best way to avoid ever doing this is to never start - imagine me saying that in my mom-voice.  My mom-voice is way impressive).  This past year, I trained and ran my first 5k.  3.1 miles is not that long but for the girl that was forever a non-athletic-drama geek, this is huge.  

Ok, so it wasn't a normal 5k - it was the CASA Superhero 5k (any excuse for drama girl to wear a costume).  The earmuffs were because it was 28 degrees!! Aidan, my son,  ran it with me. He who didn't train for 6 months like I had.  He who decided to do this 10 minutes before it started. He who beat me soundly by 5 minutes.  

It was hard.  Harder than I thought it would be.   My ankle hurt (I had twisted it the week before), I was tired, and trying so hard.  About 50 yards from the finish line, my son and my runner-friend, Donna, jogged back to meet me to help me finish. 

I wanted to cry with the show of support.  The kindness of helping a friend (and mom) achieve a goal.  Isn't that what all this achievement is for?  To live a life making yourself the best you can and have wonderful people help you along the way as you help them.  

It's a blessed life, isn't it? 

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