Friday, February 14, 2014

A Single's Guide to Valentine's Day

This will be short and sweet because without researching it, I'm almost positive that this topic has been dissected in every way imaginable. I just wanted to throw a few things out there to all my single ladies (and gents) that may help you get through the dreaded day that belongs only to couples.

First and foremost: get a pet. You will never wake up alone and you will never be loved more by anything else in the world. Here I am with Fanny. If only a significant other could look at me the way she does. (Fun fact: she is 100% blind).

Secondly: get a little festive. There's nothing wrong with wearing a pop of pink or red. I know it's tempting to really stick it to the happy couples and drown yourself in all black, but what does that really prove? The recent string of bad weather is depressing enough.

Third: if you feel overly inundated with cutesy couple pics and mushy love notes on Facebook, divert your eyes to something else. In my case, I took lunch to look at cute dudes with animals. It was fabulously mind-numbing and judging by the amount of cute dudes with animals (CDWA), I was not the first person to search. Another fun fact: there is a calendar dedicated to CDWA!

Lastly: try to find something fun to do on V-day evening. I know jumping into sweat pants and watching the Snapped marathon sounds great, but try to muster up some social interaction. I am lucky and was able to wrangle some friends together for a night of pizza, wine, and other snowed-in entertainment. If you cannot find any dateless participants, simply refer back to suggestion #1!

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