Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Wants, Needs & Finds

WANT.  The farmer's daughter t-shirt from Fred Flare.  This is the perfect beach/pool coverup to just really throw people for a loop...and I'm into that.

NEED: This rustic wooden beer cooler is so cool!  Literally!  It keeps your beer cool (or anything else you might need) while looking sleek.  Make no mistakes confusing your beer with someone else's due to the generic plastic container issue.  Your beer is covered in style.

FIND:  Tire art.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.

WANT:  These hand carved candles made in Bali called Volcanica Candles are like individual works of art!  They are designed to burn inward so the design on the outside is  never lost!  I'm in love.

NEED:  This Dreamweaver tank is so unique and fun.  I would wear this during day or night with anything from jeans to white pants to shorts.

FIND:  There is a new creperie opening next to Woodland Park where Six Sisters used to be and I am SO excited to go there.  There is nothing like a nutella and banana crepe and coffee on a Saturday.

WANT:  Cotton candy.  The end.

NEED:  I need a monogrammed necklace to put on my little kitten Tom because collars are overrated.

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