Friday, June 21, 2013

Coveting right now

Slowly a surely the D'Orsay slipper flats are becoming a mainstream closet staple in fashionistas closet. Similar to the slipper loafer of last year but more elegant and chic, the D'Orsay was introduced in insider blogs with Spring but is becoming more available and affordable as the year goes on.  I always like to really think about an item before I add it to my closet to make sure I really, really want it and it's not just a passing trend that will end up at my nearest Goodwill in two weeks.  Maybe that isn't trendy but some pieces are made for style.  Here are some affordable options.

Steve Madden Sawyer D'Orsay Flats- $89
Red adds a pop of color to a simple outfit.

Dolley 03 Black Pointed Flats- $21
A modern, interesting alternative to the black ballet flat.

Report Sloane D'Orsay Flats- $54
A metal tip toe and snake skin print for the westerner at heart.

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