Saturday, June 1, 2013

About us

Bluetique began as a young women's clothing boutique in Lexington, KY in 2011 after we realized that there was a lack of fun and affordable clothing in our area.   Since then, we have expanded to open stores in other university towns such as Bowling Green, KY, Miami, OH, Charlottesville, VA and Harrisonburg, VA with plans of opening more stores in the Fall.  We have instilled a locally operated management and personal feel within each of our boutiques with each store receiving their own unique products and trends.  In the meantime, we have also opened a website to invite those who are not in these areas to shop at Bluetique as well!   We hope to bring the same close knit, fun community to our online website through social media interaction now by entering the blogging world.  We look forward not only to sharing our clothes with you but also sharing all things that come with the Bluetique lifestyle- beauty, healthy, fitness, food, decor, and style.  The "Bluetique Girl" is cute, classy and a lot of fun.  On the blog we feature posts from our in office workers as well as guest bloggers.  

Ashley Keeton
From:  Oxford, OH
Any pets:  No pets, but dogs, ducks and horses at various times of my life
Favorite place to vacation:  In the states- New Orleans, Internationally- a tie between Costa Rica and London, England
Favorite thing to write about:  I have a personal blog with focuses on vintage-esque stuff so anything like that
If I were a dress I would be: our Cozumel Chaos dress.  It is fu, comfortable, and you can take it anywhere and it will fit right in...perfect summer dress!

Name:  Paige Walker
From:  Louisville, KY- about to move to Lebanon, KY
Any pets:  no pets :(
Favorite vacation spot:  Destin, Florida!  Summer family vacation spot- party of 24!
Favorite thing to write about:  anything monogrammed, southern & for teachers
If you were a dress what kind of dress would you be:  a strapless navy & white seersucker!  Super pretty, super me! Ha!

Elise DeCamp
From:  Lexington, KY- born & raised!
Any pets:  A kitten named Mr. Tom Bombadil who might as well be my child
Favorite vacation spot: I have a serious travel bug and want to go everywhere and anywhere!
Favorite thing to write about:  Art & Style.  I love the creative aspect of dressing & how anyone can make an article of clothing their own.
If you were a dress what kind of dress would you be:  a neutral toned jersey dress that could be worn with biker boots or sneakers i the day & super tall heels at night.  Simple, comfortable & diverse.

Name:  Elizabeth Shipley
From:  Lexington, KY- my whole life which is very uncommon!
Any pets:  Lake- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-  He is 7!
Favorite vacation spot:  Pompano Beach, FL or Charleston it is a close call!
Favorite thing to write about:  I am just learning about blogging- I am just a reader for now!
If you were a dress what kid of dress would you be:  I am not sure about a specific dress but I LOVE Tory Burch!! I think all of her designs are FABULOUS!!!!!!

Name:  Hunter Stoll
From:  Lexington, KY
Any pets:  a cat names Layla :)
Favorite vacation spot:  Naples, FL
Favorite thing to write about:  travel, music, beauty & of course clothes!
If you were a dress what kind of dress would you be:  a casual day dress that goes into night

Leslie Stoll
From:  Lexington, KY
Any pets:  Toby!!!
Favorite Vacation spot:  South Carolina
Favorite thing to write about: Toby, food, & clothes.  The three essentials.
If I were a dress:  Not tight & short!  No clue!

We love our “Bluetique Girls” and we hope to get to know more of you!  
Please feel free to message and comment us any time!

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