Monday, June 24, 2013

Rhode Island or Asia?

When my mom asked me if I wanted to go to Rhode Island a month ago for a flower show I was very dubious.  I think flowers are beautiful and I'm a big fan of white roses when they're in full bloom but I don't know about a weekend dedicated to  I love my mother dearly (Hi, mom!) so, naturally, I said yes.  At the time, I had no idea what I was signing up for.  The Garden Club of America's annual garden show in Newport, Rhode Island is an actual trip- metaphorically and literally.  Each year women around the U.S. travel to Newport for a flower competition worthy of a t.v. show featuring a cocktail party worthy of Jay Gatsby.  The casts of the competition ranged from succulents to hydrangeas with some selective incredibly challenging competitions which involved making samurai swords sheerly out of plant and flower parts.  These women are so incredibly creative!  I guess first off I need to explain that the theme of this years show was Jade: Eastern Obsessions.  The hosts did not disappoint!  The opening night cocktail party included a dragon, a gong, ladies dancing in life size flower pots, specialty drinks and lots and lots of thai noodles.  Upon seeing some other the other Newport socialites' Asian inspired apparel I regretted my outfit decision for a millisecond but as the night wore on I became extremely content in my comfortable Bluetique floral dress and blazer.  I was ready to go all night!  So, while this trip may not sufficiently cure my travel bug, this definitely weaned off the urgent desire to travel overseas.  There is nothing like eating delicious thai noodles and being able to wake up and step in some all-American sand in the morning.  During the trip, we also go to to take a day & night to check out Providence, RI.  Prodivence is a very cool, artsy city with a lot going on downtown and several college campuses such as Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University to boot.  We really enjoyed eating some unique cuisine that isn't offered as liberally in Lexington such as Mediterranean and Ethiopean.  There's nothing like having a full day with no plans to explore a city at your leisure.  Here are some candids from the weekend :)

The coast by the cliff walk was so gorgeous on Saturday afternoon.

The Japanese teahouse on the cliffs off of the Marble House on Bellevue Ave.

A geisha at the cocktail party.

Gorgeous roses adorning the outside of Rosecliff.

Such a show!

The gorgeous venue overlooked the ocean with vendors selling everything from antique prints to horse riding boots.

So many beautiful flowers make for stiff competition!

My first Ethiopian meal in Providence experience!

Oolong tea.

Serious packing for some serious traveling.

A beer at a local pub in Newport was necessary after a long day of gallery hopping and beaching.

I tried my first raw oyster!  Note the oysters rockefeller waiting in the background as back up. Haha.

Reads on the beach.

Not a lot of waves for this kind of action.

Details of the party.

The fern competition.  I'm a sucker for tall ceilings and big windows.

The International Tennis Hall of Fame was filled with immaculately manicured grass courts for the public to enjoy in the warmer months.

Goodbye Providence!

The Everly floral & flirty bow dress with a white blazer & vintage Gucci clutch.

The Everly sugar & spice dress with Converses, Ray Bans & an army jacket at the Hall of Fame!

Overlooking the dock outside our hotel bidding adieu to Newport.
Until next time, Rhode Island!

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