Monday, July 1, 2013

Festival season!

It's festival season!  For all of you out there who have already gotten your fill at Bonnaroo.. 

1. I am jealous of you.
2. You can skip this blog post.
3.  Is there such thing as your fill of festivals?  I think not.  So on second thought..keep reading.

So, here are some festivals approaching.

Forecastle Festival.  Louisville, KY.  July 12-14th.  With headliners like The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers & Robert Plant, this is one weekend you cannot afford to miss.

Pitchfork.  Chicago, IL.  July 19-21.  This lineup is super eclectic with headliners ranging from Bjork to R Kelly.  If I were you I'd make a vacation out of it, spending the week shopping on Michigan Ave. and then the weekend listening to great artists.

Lollapalooza.  Chicago, IL.  August 2-4.  Bringing the nineties back with some classic rock headliners and performances by Grizzly Bear, Mumford & Sons and Band of Horses.

Electric Zoo.  New York, NY.  August 30-September 1.  If you are more into electronic music and are willing to make the trip, this festival is for you.  With big DJs like Tiesto, Avicii and Steve Aoki, this is sure to be a weeklong party.

Newport Folk Festival.  Newport, RI.  July 26-28th.  Newport is so gorgeous, as you can see from a recent blog post, and will be a great location for a music festival.  This year Newport will be graced with the presence of the likes of Beck, The Lumineers and Father John Misty so if you are into soft folksy, indie rock and the ocean, book a ticket to Newport as soon as possible!

When dressing for a music festival:

1.  Think comfort.  Thinking about your blisters or your sunburn as opposed to how great the final Band of Horses song is will absolutely kill your mood.  Pick clothing (and shoes) that are going to condone prime dancing moves.  And don't skimp on the sunscreen!
2.  Bring an easy bag to sling over your shoulder.  I know backpacks aren't the chicest bags out there but there are a surprising amount of fashionable ones out there these days!  Check American Apparel.
3.  Have fun!  This is the ultimate opportunity to dress however you like and let it all loose.  No one is judging you, I promise.  Let your freak flag fly.  If you want to wear pasties and booty shorts more power to you.  If you don't there are some other options below!

Festival fits:

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