Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jax post!

Ok, so we are stressed.  I'm pretty sure its the whole nation right now (no matter what your political persuasion).  I don't know if you have been looking at your friends Facebook and Twitter statuses but we are wigging out.  And I'm here to say - chill.  Just breathe.

Now, I live in an idyllic town 30 minutes south of our Harrisonburg store.  Its sweet, it's peaceful, its pretty.

See?  We are generally pretty easy going. And even we are freaking out.

Not only is it because of what is going on in the world but we had been under a cloud cover for 6 days.  If it wasn't raining, then it was grey.  Yesterday, for the brief moments, the sun came out. So in between customers, while no one was in the store, I stood outside.  It only lasted for 3 minutes until more people came in but it did me a WORLD of good.  It completely relaxed me for the rest of the day.

It made me think how much our emotions are tied to the physical. Usually, if I am over-reacting to a relatively minor-ish problem I ask myself 3 questions my dad taught me - Are you tired? Hungry? Lonely? - and usually the answer lies there. 

 But I would add a 4th - have you been in the sun?  There is a reason that people are less depressed in the summer. Yes, sun damage is suck-tacular (I mean, be responsible with it) but 10 minutes in the sun can change your entire perspective.

And if all else fails - do some retail therapy.  I can point you in the right direction....

:) Gotta love shameless self-promotion.....

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