Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gift Idea!

Maybe it's the cool wind in the air or the surplus of pumpkin flavored items in the local coffee shop but something made me randomly think of knitting this morning.  I've knitted since I was little but I have a minor confession..  I've never actually finished something.  Yes, you will look in my knitting basket and see about 10 different scarves that are partially done.  I got really close to finishing one once and accidentally left it in my ex boyfriend's car and then we broke up!  Lo and behold he showed up at my doorstep a week later with the scarf finished and pleading for my love once more.  That was weird.  Anyway, this season I'm making a pact to start a little earlier so I can actually wear one of the items I plan on making.  And hopefully I can make them (whatever them is) for friends and family members as well!
For those of you who have never knit before- never fear.  It's really easy!  And here is an easy way to start out!  Why not make everyone their own set of coasters this year.  It's cheap, easy and fun! 
Here is a little video on how to begin:
And here is instructions on how to make the cute heart coasters seen last:

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