Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Countdown

Its coming.  Halloween. And one of the reasons I love being an actor is that I have the excuse to dress up in costume more than this one day.   I LOVE to dress up in costume. And, luckily,  I have friends that will dress up with me (they are crazy actor-y people too).  Last year, we dressed up as the people of the Capitol from the Hunger Games:

 I'm not going to lie.  We are probably going to dress up in these costumes again for the midnight showing of Catching Fire.  My son will be mortified.  But really, embarrassing your teenager is truly a perk of parenthood.

So you are wondering what you should be?  Well here is a few of my favorite that I pulled from the web to spark your imagination:


I love this idea. I reminds me of the movie BIG.  The downside - it may be a tad bulky.

New twist on the traditional cat costume.  Why not make yours lucky?

Dress up like the olden days and make your self black and white. I like the idea of having several cards that you can hold up through out the night.

 I love clever costumes.  Especially when they are play on words.

So what are YOU going to be?

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