Friday, July 5, 2013

One for myself, one for a friend.

1.  My mom always told us to take a chill pill when we were little and throwing temper tantrums over going to tennis practice.  So here they are!  A gift set of chill pills so you can use one and give the rest to friends!
2.  This hanging cosmetic bag comes with free embroidery and in a plethora of colors.
3.  These gold bar necklaces are customizable and are very simple and feminine.  This delicate piece can be worn alone of layered.
4.  Don't let the scale fool you, these are actual 36 inch birchwood signs.  They cut the letters for you then you are free to paint them on your own or even leave them unpainted!
5.  The selection of photography on Etsy is really awesome.  This photograph is marketed as for a nursery but I think this dream-like photo would be pretty and relaxing in any bedroom.
6.  Create your own set of chevron coasters here for only two dollars a coaster!  How cute would a gray and yellow set be?
7.  A trio of gold fill stackable rings.  These are perfect for every day wear.  They're simple and chic.

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