Friday, July 26, 2013

Work week lunches

As I have learned from experience, getting lunch out every day of the work week adds up.  Especially when you'd rather be putting that money towards an awesome brunch with friends over the weekend.  I am guilty of ordering from the bagel place down the street from time to time when I'm in a crunch and then left drooling over my fellow employees homemade dishes.  So I thought I could compile some recipes of dishes I see around our office that are healthy, easy and deeeeelicious.

The Elise Classic

-Blackberries (or any other berries for that matter)
-  Sliced almonds
-  Dried cranberries
-  Goat cheese
-Baby spinach
-  Raspberry vinaigrette

This salad looks way more impressive on the place than it actually is.  So simple.  Just drag your booty to the grocery, buy the above ingredients, slice your strawberries and mix all the ingredients together with your own discretion.   If you have some time prepare some chicken on Sunday night and then save it to dice up on your salads for the rest of the week.  This adds protein and will lead you away from the candy bowl mid day.  

The How-Do-You-Pronounce-Quinoa-Anyway Salad

-Shredded chicken
-Greek Yogurt
-A tangerine or orange

This takes a little bit more preparation time but is totally worth your while.  Step 1- cook your quinoa.  Step 2-  Saute your asparagus with your garlic.  Toss these two ingredients with your peeled tangerine or orange and the shredded chicken.  Mix up a little yogurt and olive oil for a nice, healthy dressing.  Mix it all together and voila!  Mmm, mmm protein-y goodness.  Courtesy of Taste for Adventure.

The Hunter-Loves-Pesto

-Pesto, best to make your own but Trader Joe's has a great alternative
-Olive oil
-Mozzarella cheese, grated
-Tortilla, whole wheat
-Tomatoes, thinly-sliced

Upon asking Hunter, whose lunches always look straight off the Food Network, what some of her favorite lunches were I seemed to notice a trend.  They all seemed to involve pesto.  Love for pesto is another thing Hunter and I seem to share along with our love for the Alabama Shakes and bohemian style.  Anyway, this recipe is super easy.  Thinly spread the pesto, cheese and tomatoes on the tortilla and fold, flipping when cheese begins to melt.

Your Own Chipotle Naked Burrito

- Brown rice
- Black beans
- Corn
- Avocado
- Salsa
- Lettuce
- Cilantro

You've probably read about how bad the burrito's at Chipotle and Qdoba are for you, but let me defend them for a second.  They just don't have to be!  If you make the right choices you can in fact make your own naked burrito that is healthy and filling.  Leslie first introduced me to this recipe.  You cook your rice (or buy Uncle Ben's if you're like me).  You chop your cilantro.  You strain your can of beans.  You strain your can of corn.  You mash up your avocado.  You rinse your lettuce.  And then you combine all your ingredients and top with lime!  This can totally be catered to your likes by adding some grilled chicken, sauteed peppers, you name it.

The Jam

- Whole Wheat Toast
- Smoked Salmon
- Creme Fraiche
- Lemon
- Avocado

So simple you probably don't need my instruction.  Toast your bread, spread your creme fraiche, cut your salmon, slice your avocado and squeeze your lemon.  Healthy and refreshing.  This also makes for a good appetizer when presented on small, thinly sliced baguette toasts.  Your friends will be impressed!

Lauren's Going Green Smoothie

- Spinach
- Wheat Grass
- Alfalfa
- Kelp
- Pineapple
- Banana
- Orange

Stuck in her ways, Lauren was not eager to try a green smoothie.  Many may be turned off by the unappetizing color or atypical smoothie ingredients, but once you try it you will soon be addicted.  Whats better than a delicious drink that is filled with tons of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.  This smoothie can also replace a meal in a crunch.  Lauren encourages you all to step out of the box, she says you'll love it!

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