Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mo' Monet, No Problem

With a recent trip to NYC under my belt, I cannot stop thinking about the met. the art. the glory. the love. the beauty. If you're into art at all..even if you just think something is pretty...I'm down with that. A trip to the met was a big deal for me (having been once before, I could never appreciate the art then as i do now), as you see I was an art history major, so yeah, I love this stuff. The amount of hours one could spend at the met is insane in itself..I could literally spend a week in there and we were pressed for it was a game-time decision on where to go and what to see. I grabbed that met map and was gone (like speedy gonzalez). 

the first painting I saw: Monet, Haystacks. I died.

Mo' Monet..the bride at giverny. See previous post here

Van Gogh, le sigh.

and then the dance class by Degas (AHHHHH!)

Degas again..he was killin' it and I was l-u-v-i-n' it.

I promise you, I've got more pictures and it was very hard to pick which ones made it up here. Big moments for this know you love it when you get a little teary eyed seeing these paintings in the real. You'd probably die if you knew how much time I spent writing a twenty eight page paper about those haystacks up to actually see it, made it all that much more worth it. Wonder what will happen if I make it to the Louvre...oh lawd. Do you like art...have you been to the met? Let us know in the comments below. 


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