Thursday, August 29, 2013

clutch (in stores) / boots (in stores)


I have a confession.  I am addicted.  I have to do it every day.  I think about doing it at 5:30 in the morning.  It just makes my whole body feel so good.  After I do it, it's like I'm high.

It's....bikram yoga!  I bought a two week package to this great place in Lexington called..well it's pretty original..Bikram Lexington.  Anyway, that two week test package soon led me to an unlimited monthly package and now here I am six weeks in and annoying everyone around me with speak of shivasana and rabbit pose.  Seriously, I played college tennis and have worked out my entire life, and I have never felt better than I have recently.  I feel strong and flexible and fit all at the same time!  It's amazing.  Totally recommend it. 

But this post isn't about me and my health.  It's about these kick ass yoga mats from Magic Carpet Yoga Mats!  I mean how cute are these.  Click here to see for yourself!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Out West

top / shorts / clutch (in stores) / shoes (in stores)


The everlasting battle against tan lines has been won!!!  We all go on jogs in our sports bras and our itsy bitty-est shorts to try to get maximum tan-age but still shake our heads when we strip down to find that unattractive cross on our backs.  Well never fear!  Naked Sports Gear is here.  Made in New York City, this company was founded by two lovely ladies Reilly and Katie who bonded over sports, social media and costume design.  We'd like these two on our kickball team.

Buy here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I live in..

Yesterday, we took a little road trip to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio to see one of our favorites Ashley in our Oxford store and check out the fall merchandise!  We could not have picked a more beautiful day to make the trip.  The clouds did not even look real and air was so crisp and refreshing.  After spending a long day in the store playing with clothes and accessories (p.s. we love our jobs) we took a drive around campus.  We just loved how students get the opportunity to live off campus but still live close to each other .  Many of the students name their houses clever names to differentiate them.  Here are a few of our favorites.  

Warning:  Some of them are a little naughty.  
We are not responsible for this and do not condone use of these terms!

Treasure Island

Decked Out

Good Vibes

Beeches & Hoes
(on Beeches St.)

Natty or Nice

The Beech House
(on Beech St.)

Beeches N Cream
(on Beeches St.)

Bob Saget

Top or Bottom

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

around the town

Here's a little insight on the everyday style of our Bluetique girls

Hunter plans on a little weekend getaway and a show

Elise got some goodies from her momma

Whitney captured the Lexington sunset

E caught up with an old friend

Leslie got some dog time in 

What are some of your favorite things to insta' on the weekend?


I'm really missing the canvas these days so I thought I'd do a little 
post on one of my favorite artists Oriol Angrill Jorda of Spain
and maybe inspire the inner artist in all of you.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bluetique's Looks for Less!

We LOVE the new trends that are taking us from Summer to Fall, but the prices of the designer looks are sure to break our banks. No need to fear, Bluetique is here with your favorite looks for less!
Obsessed with the mixed media tops hitting the runway? Bluetique has you covered with this chiffon and faux leather shell for only $30.99! Pair it with some skinnies and ankle boots, and you'll be ready to take on the new season. Bold, printed shorts are not just something to keep hidden in your closet until next year. We love them with big, boxy sweaters for Fall, and these tribal print shorts are a steal at $27.99! Last but not least, holographic accessories are a fun way to add some edge to any outfit. Bluetique brings you this clutch at cheap, chic price - $37.99!
For more information on any of these looks, or to purchase, call our Lexington location at 859.309.1310

Gifty but also thrifty..

I don't know about you all but I am never prepared for birthdays.  It's like they come up out of nowhere!  Another one?!  So I'm working on my preparation these days.  And not just in the day to day.  Stocking up on gifts has serious perks- no last minute stress and no one is left forgotten!  Here are some ideas to keep on the back burner.

Fine Stationary has pretty thank you notes, personalized note cards and invites for any event.  Personalized note cards make really great gifts.  If I got five different notecard sets for my next birthday, I'd be the happiest girl in the word.

I don't need anything from Layla Grace...but I want everything from Layla Grace...
This home good store is sure to please everyone with elegant table clothes to cutesy coffee mug sets.  Great for a wedding gift or Mother's Day!

You all have probably seen these little cards with cute, featuring a cute gold charm on dainty gold chain  in a boutique or two.  But did you ever look further into the maker?  Dogeared is a small company based out of California looking to make a dent in the world by making handmade goods and supporting nonprofit societies along the way.  Not to mention they have literally any charm you could want making these jewels the ideal personalized gifts as can be.

Letting the inner foodie/fat girl come out right now.  I read about Chad Robertson's San Francisco based bakery in Vogue and I have been addicted to his concept ever since.  Here's a little taste.  The man makes bread and only bread.  In fact, he only makes a select few loaves of bread a week.  The wait list may take a few weeks to even get a loaf for yourself so plan your dinner party now!  But don't panic!  He has made a book filled with gorgeous droll inducing photographs and actually pleasantly simple recipes.  Pick up a copy at Anthropologie!

This iomoi acrylic LV the Monkey ice bucket can be personalized with monogram on one side and two lines message on the other.  This message could be ideal for any even in life from a new life entering the world to a big birthday!

Maybe this isn't the most elegant gift you could get under your tree but it's definitely the most useful!  This is one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that finds that you want to order for everyone you know.  How genius!  Lemon in your water not only tastes good but it good for your metabolism and immune system as well!  Find this at Neiman Marcus online.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Love it or hate it?  Following the increase in sportswear on runways this past spring there was an immense influx of jerseys seen on celebs and bloggers alike.  While I am a huge fan of yoga pants and wouldn't put anything ahead of a white t shirt, it took me a while to cling onto this trend.  Is it too much?  Do you leave the jerseys to the players and die hard fans?  Will you be wearing your favorite players jersey to the tailgates this fall?

My thoughts on a sporty cute look?  Not loving the jersey?  Try this out for size!

1.  Try our White Bow Back Dress.
(which can double as a great recruitment dress!)

2.  With these classic Adidas Sambas.  Customize your own pair here.

3.  And top it all off with a casual army jacket like the one here
& your own unique jewelry that make the outfit YOU!

Sporty, casual, chic!