Monday, August 12, 2013

Gifty but also thrifty..

I don't know about you all but I am never prepared for birthdays.  It's like they come up out of nowhere!  Another one?!  So I'm working on my preparation these days.  And not just in the day to day.  Stocking up on gifts has serious perks- no last minute stress and no one is left forgotten!  Here are some ideas to keep on the back burner.

Fine Stationary has pretty thank you notes, personalized note cards and invites for any event.  Personalized note cards make really great gifts.  If I got five different notecard sets for my next birthday, I'd be the happiest girl in the word.

I don't need anything from Layla Grace...but I want everything from Layla Grace...
This home good store is sure to please everyone with elegant table clothes to cutesy coffee mug sets.  Great for a wedding gift or Mother's Day!

You all have probably seen these little cards with cute, featuring a cute gold charm on dainty gold chain  in a boutique or two.  But did you ever look further into the maker?  Dogeared is a small company based out of California looking to make a dent in the world by making handmade goods and supporting nonprofit societies along the way.  Not to mention they have literally any charm you could want making these jewels the ideal personalized gifts as can be.

Letting the inner foodie/fat girl come out right now.  I read about Chad Robertson's San Francisco based bakery in Vogue and I have been addicted to his concept ever since.  Here's a little taste.  The man makes bread and only bread.  In fact, he only makes a select few loaves of bread a week.  The wait list may take a few weeks to even get a loaf for yourself so plan your dinner party now!  But don't panic!  He has made a book filled with gorgeous droll inducing photographs and actually pleasantly simple recipes.  Pick up a copy at Anthropologie!

This iomoi acrylic LV the Monkey ice bucket can be personalized with monogram on one side and two lines message on the other.  This message could be ideal for any even in life from a new life entering the world to a big birthday!

Maybe this isn't the most elegant gift you could get under your tree but it's definitely the most useful!  This is one of those why-didn't-I-think-of-that finds that you want to order for everyone you know.  How genius!  Lemon in your water not only tastes good but it good for your metabolism and immune system as well!  Find this at Neiman Marcus online.

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