Friday, August 9, 2013


We love, love, love our new Lexington store manager Jaci.  
She is sweet, southern and has a nail polish collection worthy of a museum.
Laure interviewed her in the store so you all could get to know her a little better.

Lauren:  Jaci,  tell us about your personal style!
Jaci:  My style is a mix between trendy and southern.  
I'm not all the way pearls, but I wear sneaker wedges.

Lauren:  What is your favorite part of working at Bluetique?
Jaci:  You, Lauren, the candy bowls hidden everywhere 
and the happy-go-lucky atmosphere in the store.

Lauren:  What's your favorite candy?
Jaci:  Yellow Laffy Taffy!  Which is exactly why I fit in perfectly here 
at Bluetique because no one eats them!

Lauren:  What's your favorite accessory?
Jaci:  Shoes and nail polish are two things I cannot live without. 

(Shows us a picture of her nail polish collection.  Its astonishing.)

Lauren:  Now tell us about your favorite type of music?
Jaci:  Country 100%.  I love that I get to listen to it through Sirius in the store!

Lauren:  Whats your favorite social media?
Jaci:  Definitely instagram!  Jace_r86!  Follow me!
(Instagram is my favorite as well! EliseDecamp!)

Lauren:   Why should people shop at Bluetique?
Jaci:  Because it's the bomb dot com.  No, really, because it doesn't break the bank and it is so cute and trendy.  Seriously.  And we have an awesome candy selection!

Lauren:  Can you show us your three favorite pieces in stores right now?

This maxi dress is great for summertime!  
I'd wear this with wedges to work.  Come visit me and get one for yourself!

I LOVE rompers!  Also available online in turquoise and pink here.

All monogram everything.  Especially this classic bracelet.

Jaci:  Come see me!

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