Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Travel Tuesday

I'm sure most of you all (at least I hope!) have had the opportunity to get away this summer. After all, that's what summer is all about, right? Vacating your life is so important and does so much good for the soul. One of my best friends, Jules, took this summer's vacation to heart and absolutely nailed it. For your travel Tuesday post, let's discuss the the utter brilliance of Au Pairing. Jules got paired up with an Italian family living in Monaco (le sigh) for the month of July, basically my dream. She's been there for the past twenty two days and I have been filling up her inbox with questions about her new lifestyle and what it's like to travel to Italy on the weekends. Casual, I know. She replied with only a few words, but more importantly, pictures. You can see the beauty of the French Riviera below and live the ultimate summer dream through instagram. 

I know what you're thinking...I'd love to know when the next plane to Monaco leaves, too.


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