Monday, September 23, 2013

When asked who their style icon may be, how many of us ladies do you think would say Marilyn or Audrey or Jackie?  Hands down the classiest ladies of this century, these women are inspirational to our generation not only for the way they dressed but for their charisma, self confidence and overall leadership.  Let me preface this post by saying I am just as obsessed with Marilyn as the next girl and the amount of times I've sat in bed and watched Charade on a Sunday morning is getting embarrassing.  But sometimes I find myself wanting more.  Cheating on my muses if you will.  Not all of us are going for the whole blond bombshell look or have the lithe figure of a little boy combined with the eyes of a feline. To fill my own hunger for extra style inspiration, and maybe yours too, here are some other ladies to look for next time you're on Pintrest.  Maybe you will find your own female figure you aspire to be!
1.  Ana Karina
Born Hanne Karin Bayer, this gorgeous French lady changed her name after being found homeless at a café in Paris by an advertising agency.  It was the one and only Coco Chanel whom suggested she change her name to something with a little more glamour to it.  Karina became known for her collaborations with the director Jean-Luc Godard in many of his French New Wave films including A Woman is a Woman where she won best actress.  Funny where a set of doe eyes and the right haircut can get you!
2.  Lisa Bonet
She may be known as the lady who snagged Lenny Kravitz  but she should get props for more than just that small feat.   After competing in beauty pageants at a young age, Lisa snagged the role as Denise of The Cosby Show and the rest is history.  I, however, think her dreads are worthy of a million roles in themselves.  Bonet is the classically cool inspiration for the bohemian at heart.

3.  Charlotte Rampling
Born in England in 1946, Rampling's acting career transpired not only English cinema but French and Italian cinema as well.  Fun fact: the tabloids have always been hard on celebrities for their slip ups.  She was once accused of being in a ménage trois after claiming to have lived with two other men when in actuality it was a case of high rent which brought the three in close quarters.  Anyway, I admire Charlotte for her chic, simplistic dressing which whispers (doesn't scream), "I drink bourbon on the rocks and I am down for whatever."
The thing about all of these women is they have a sense of style that is uniquely them.  You can read so much about them from the way they dress and carry themselves.  They all look..what's the word..comfortable!  I don't think any of these women looking in the mirror before they leave the house thinking "I want to look good to make my ex jealous" or "Is this trendy enough?".  They dressed for themselves and I think that is magical.  In many ways, I am not featuring these women to say you should channel them when you go shopping next but to say you can be like these women too and if you dress like yourself and are comfortable in what you wear.  You too will exude this kind of attractive effortlessness that makes you have a certain je ne sais quoi.  This is all really cheesy I know.  I've been watching too many rom coms recently. Pardone moi!

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