Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello from Harrisonburg!  Jacquie here – guest blogging like a boss!  This is me –
And I am the manager at the Harrisonburg, VA Bluetique.
This is my crew (good looking aren’t they – love these girls!)
I asked Elise what I should blog about as I have never blogged.  Like ever.  She said whatever I am in to.  Well, I’m into quite a lot (theatre, knitting, sewing, raising a teenage boy).  But the one I’m into that I feel compelled to share is empowerment of the female kind.  And as I am addicted to Pinterest (really who isn’t) here are my favorite empowering quotes.  For women rock and we rock hard.
And even though it’s not directed specifically to women it is completely true:
So what am I trying to say?  Find your strength, be unapologetically yourself and for heaven’s sake take your shots!

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