Friday, July 26, 2013

Work week lunches

As I have learned from experience, getting lunch out every day of the work week adds up.  Especially when you'd rather be putting that money towards an awesome brunch with friends over the weekend.  I am guilty of ordering from the bagel place down the street from time to time when I'm in a crunch and then left drooling over my fellow employees homemade dishes.  So I thought I could compile some recipes of dishes I see around our office that are healthy, easy and deeeeelicious.

The Elise Classic

-Blackberries (or any other berries for that matter)
-  Sliced almonds
-  Dried cranberries
-  Goat cheese
-Baby spinach
-  Raspberry vinaigrette

This salad looks way more impressive on the place than it actually is.  So simple.  Just drag your booty to the grocery, buy the above ingredients, slice your strawberries and mix all the ingredients together with your own discretion.   If you have some time prepare some chicken on Sunday night and then save it to dice up on your salads for the rest of the week.  This adds protein and will lead you away from the candy bowl mid day.  

The How-Do-You-Pronounce-Quinoa-Anyway Salad

-Shredded chicken
-Greek Yogurt
-A tangerine or orange

This takes a little bit more preparation time but is totally worth your while.  Step 1- cook your quinoa.  Step 2-  Saute your asparagus with your garlic.  Toss these two ingredients with your peeled tangerine or orange and the shredded chicken.  Mix up a little yogurt and olive oil for a nice, healthy dressing.  Mix it all together and voila!  Mmm, mmm protein-y goodness.  Courtesy of Taste for Adventure.

The Hunter-Loves-Pesto

-Pesto, best to make your own but Trader Joe's has a great alternative
-Olive oil
-Mozzarella cheese, grated
-Tortilla, whole wheat
-Tomatoes, thinly-sliced

Upon asking Hunter, whose lunches always look straight off the Food Network, what some of her favorite lunches were I seemed to notice a trend.  They all seemed to involve pesto.  Love for pesto is another thing Hunter and I seem to share along with our love for the Alabama Shakes and bohemian style.  Anyway, this recipe is super easy.  Thinly spread the pesto, cheese and tomatoes on the tortilla and fold, flipping when cheese begins to melt.

Your Own Chipotle Naked Burrito

- Brown rice
- Black beans
- Corn
- Avocado
- Salsa
- Lettuce
- Cilantro

You've probably read about how bad the burrito's at Chipotle and Qdoba are for you, but let me defend them for a second.  They just don't have to be!  If you make the right choices you can in fact make your own naked burrito that is healthy and filling.  Leslie first introduced me to this recipe.  You cook your rice (or buy Uncle Ben's if you're like me).  You chop your cilantro.  You strain your can of beans.  You strain your can of corn.  You mash up your avocado.  You rinse your lettuce.  And then you combine all your ingredients and top with lime!  This can totally be catered to your likes by adding some grilled chicken, sauteed peppers, you name it.

The Jam

- Whole Wheat Toast
- Smoked Salmon
- Creme Fraiche
- Lemon
- Avocado

So simple you probably don't need my instruction.  Toast your bread, spread your creme fraiche, cut your salmon, slice your avocado and squeeze your lemon.  Healthy and refreshing.  This also makes for a good appetizer when presented on small, thinly sliced baguette toasts.  Your friends will be impressed!

Lauren's Going Green Smoothie

- Spinach
- Wheat Grass
- Alfalfa
- Kelp
- Pineapple
- Banana
- Orange

Stuck in her ways, Lauren was not eager to try a green smoothie.  Many may be turned off by the unappetizing color or atypical smoothie ingredients, but once you try it you will soon be addicted.  Whats better than a delicious drink that is filled with tons of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.  This smoothie can also replace a meal in a crunch.  Lauren encourages you all to step out of the box, she says you'll love it!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's your name, what's your sign? -Biggie

I'm a sucker for all things astrological.  Tell me your astrological sign and then I'll decide if we can be friends or not.  Just kidding...kind of.   Naturally, when I saw these posters catered to each sign and the three characteristics that define them I was smitten.  Uncovet always has really great home decor items, and not to mention jewelry, and they hit the jackpot again with this find.  Here are a few examples but click here to buy one for yourself!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blog love

I'm always looking at other bloggers and seeing what they're blogging about or wearing right now.  Luckily, I can chock it up as a part of my job but who am I kidding?  Here are a few faves right now.

1.  Late Afternoon.  That monogrammed clutch is clutch.
2.  Song of Style.  Totally in love with her accessory game. 
3.  Sincerely Jules.  This lady always does casual, cool well.  
4.  We Wore What.  One cannot go wrong in the summertime with hightop white chucks.
5.  Angelica Blick.  This Swedish blogger makes the messy bun look chic.

Monday, July 22, 2013

For fall..

So while the weather channel might say differently, fall is actually right around the corner.  Lap up the time you have left at the pool because you will be hitting the books and the frat houses before you even know it.  While this may seem like a downer at the moment, fall does have it's perks!  Football games, catching up with friends and not to mention pulling out your cutest cardigans and comfiest riding boots.  We are getting our new stock in right now and we absolutely cannot wait to share it with you.  Here is a tiny little sneak peak of what we think is going to be hot this fall.

1.  Tribal prints
 What a good concept to ride through the hottest months of the year.  We are restocking our shelves with a plethora of prints varying form cheetah print rompers to ethnic inspired shift dresses.  I am in love.

2.  Romantic patterns
  You will find these types of intricate prints on everything from shorts to bell bottom pants this fall.  Pair with a simple white t-shirt or dolman top to make the printed piece pop!

3.  Bow backs
We still are loving the feminine look and sassy undertone of the low bow back dresses and tops.  Expect to see cute color combos this fall inspired by your schools colors- ideal for tailgating on Saturdays!

Taking a selfie is justified with clothing this cute!  These looks coming to you soon! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fabulous Fourth

We still cannot thinking about how fabulous our Fourth of July weekends were..minus the rain! One of the coolest things that happened was at lake. A few of us went down together with friends and family and anxiously awaited the annual fireworks show. Afterwards we set off Wish Lanterns, we lit the sky above as the six of us made our wishes of everlasting friendship, health and happiness. We highly recommend you find wish lanterns ASAP, they're easy to find on the internet. As we watched the flame grow fainter into the night sky, we couldn't help but think our wishes came true! Take a Peek at the prettiness:

Leslie and Anne releasing their wish

Two lanterns flying high

Here's another view of them lighting up the night sky

What do y'all think, would you every have a wish lantern party or just release them for yourself? 
Let us know in the comments below!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Red, White and Bluetique

A HUGE thanks to all the gals that entered out #redwhiteandbluetique contest! Congratulations to Ashley Gei, you are the winner of the $150 gift card!!!

Take A look at all of our entries below, y'all look beautiful!! And a shout-out to the girls from Twitter, we couldn't get your pictures!